Xcalibur Dance Team

2015-2016 Xcalibur Dance Team

Back Row:  Cloe Commandeur, Maddie A'Bell, David Duarte-Rodreguiz, Natalie Palmer, Carly Durutovic, Kyra Badiner, Boston Anderson
Middle Row: Maya Wong, Christina Randall, Jacquie Costan, Melissa Contreras
Front Row:  Sophie Zane, Taryn Kullmann, Tyler Arcaris, Sydney Madison, Megan Schoen
Not Pictured: Emma Marshall

Carlsbad High School's JV dance team, Xcalibur, is comprised of 17 dedicated dancers under the direction of Coach Kaitlin Mazzocco. The team includes freshman, sophmore, junior and senior students.

The Xcalibur Dance Team supports the community of Carlsbad by participating in a variety of charity events, including the Alzheimers Association's Walk for a Cure, the Mitchell Thorpe Foundation's Walk-a-Thon and the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

They are proud to represent their school and the community of Carlsbad in performances and competitions. The dance team performs to support local elementary schools at their fundraising events, plus the Carlsbad community at the City of Carlsbad Tree Lighting, as well as performing at Carlsbad High School football and basketball games.

The Xcalibur Dance Team competes regionally and nationally at the Junior Varsity level.

Upcoming Events

UDA Nationals
January 30-31, 2016
Orlando, Florida

For addition information, contact info@xcaliburdancers.com

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